anti slip pipe/cable covers

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SAFEGUARD® Pipe and Cable Covers bring added safety to any workplace. These Covers are specifically engineered for providing a non-slip surface for foot traffic over exposed wires, pipes, conduit and cables.

SAFEGUARD® Covers act as a bridge, effectively concealing the utilities and pipework underneath while ensuring safe traction on the surface.

SAFEGUARD® Pipe and Cable Covers feature a rugged molded composite polymer construction that has been tested to withstand up to 1,000 pounds. They are corrosion resistant and flame retardant.

The Covers are available in a standard size, with the maximum length being 10 feet. A range of safety cover colors is available, including safety yellow and photoluminescent HiGlo Traction (glow-in-the-dark.)


  1. Can I drive heavy equipment or vehicles over the Pipe & Cable Covers?
    Although the covers have been field tested up to 1,000 lbs. they are designed for pedestrian foot traffic.
  2. Is there a standard size Pipe & Cable Cover?
    The diagram shown here illustrates the standard size Cover. Custom sizes are available with some restrictions.
Pipe & Cable Cover Dimensions